David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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Since 2016   Shiatsu Education, Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg, Berlin 

2011- 2015   Contemporary Dance, the Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen

2013              Institut del Teatre, Barcelona 

2010- 2011  Dance Intensive, Tanzfabrik, Berlin 

2008- 2010  Urbanistik, Bauhaus University, Weimar 

own works / close collaborations 

Crackle (2021) - Solo Work by Daniela Georgieva with and for David Kummer  (DE)

(Stadt) Lauschen (2021)  - Solo Research in Public Spaces 

Diverting the public space (2021) - Research and Scores by Kilian Jörg and David Kummer 

Contamination Elongation (2020) - Practice and Work in Progress with Sophia Seiss 

RAUMSTAUNEN spacecompanionship (2019) - Solo Work at Kunstbunker Nürnberg 

Ver.Inner.Raum (2018) - Collective site specific walk and performance at Buchenwald Memorial 

Mermaids of the Hypersea (2018) - Duo Research with Snorre Jeppe Hansen 

Resonanzsphären (2018) - Solo work and installation at Künstlerhaus Lukas

Exzessive Spielräume (2018) - Duo work with visual Artist Suse Itzel

Bodies we are, time we share (2017) - Duo work with Jazz Musician Maria Dybbroe

Fragile Textures (2017) - Performance by Elena Dragonetti and David Kummer 

Chillout, we have already been reborn (2015) - Collective Graduation at the Danish National School of Performing Arts 

Dancer / Performer / Collaborator 

Gehen (2021) - Walks by Daniela Georgieva and David Kummer at Museum Ludwig and Kunstation Sankt Peter in Köln (DE) 

Cloudmeeting (2021) - Project by Louise Walleneit at Spinnerei Leipzig (DE) 

quixotic essence of a breath of movement / 1X3  (2021) - Dance Performance by Daniela Georgieva at NAK (DE) 

Running Sculptures (2020 / 21) - Dance Performance for young Audiences in Danish Public Schools (DK)  

Ufer Stadt Park (2020) - Collaborator in Adapting the Spreepark Score for Uferstudios with Sabine Zahn (DE)  

Communication Captures (2019) - Performance Project by Stella Geppert (DE) 

2028 (2019) - Dance Project by Choreographer Luis Lara Malvacias (US/VEN)

Spreepark Berlin / Score (2019) - Site Specific Walks and Workshops by Sabine Zahn (DE)

Spinnen (2019) - Kids Performance by Deufert&Plischke and fabrik Potsdam (DE) 

Vortex Group (2019) - Structured Improvisation by Sara Shelton Mann (US) 

Optagedhed / Surround Sound (2019) - Dance and Sound Performance by WE GO Collective (DK) 

Give me a reason to feel (2017) - Dance Performance by Anne- Mareike Hess (LUX/DE)

Nido/ Rizoma (2016) - Work by Sharon Fridman (ES/IS) at Oerol Festival in Holland

Gilgul (2016) - Jewish Summer Creation in Weimar and Performance by Steve Weintraub (US)

National Exhibition (2016) - Research with Artist Duo KasparSophie (DK)

OneNineOneSix (2016) - Production at Leipziger Tanztheater by Alessio Trevisani (DE)

Music from Movement (2015) - Performance by We Go Collective (DK) 

The Drawer (2015) - Dance Performance by Badco (HR) 

New Moon Rising (2015) - Graduation Work by Roberto Olivan (DK) 

Teaching Positions / Tanzvermittlung 

Im Körpe zu Hause sein (2021) - Kulturrucksack Woche at Ringlockschuppen Theater Mühlheim (Ruhr) (DE) 

Tanzzeit (2020 / 21) - Freelance Dance Teacher in Public Schools in Berlin (DE) 

Tanzkomplizen (2020 / 21) - Audience Participation and Transmission of Family Portraits (DE) 

Explore Dance Festival (2020) - Transmitting the work „Spinnen“ of Deufert & Pliscke for young audience (DE) 

Culture Key (2017/2018) - Employed as Dance Teacher at Kulturhuset Barbacka and Workshop Project in the Communal Area of Kristianstad (SE)


Distanzen Solo (2021) - Six Month Scholarship from Dachverband für Tanz and Neustart Kultur (DE) 

zumikon Kulturstiftung (2019) - Scholarship and Residence Artist in Nürnberg (DE)

Künstlerhaus Lukas (2018) - Artist in Residence and Scholarship at Künstlerhaus Lukas (DE)

Ole Haslund Foundation (2016) - Artist in Residence (DK) 

Ongoing Movement Researches 

Fields of Improvisation - Improvisational Research Project with Composer and Jazz Saxophonist Maria Dybbroe (DK) 

Supportive Surface and Synchronized Spaces - Movement Research and Somatic Sharing between Feldenkrais and Shiatsu with Dancer Elena Dragonetti (IT/DE)