David Kummer
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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Chill out, we have already been reborn 

Performance by Moot Point Collective

Graduation Peformance at the Danish National School of Performing Arts May 2015 Copenhagen (DK


Extract of the Performance 

Moot Point is a performance collective dedicated to the artistic work of utopia and more specifically the utopian body.The work “Chill out, we have already been reborn”is an outcome of a three month research process between four extremely different contemporary dance artists, David Kummer (DE), Jens Schyth Brøndum (DK/US), Fuji Hoffmann (SE), and Marlene Bonnesen (DK) who insist on the collaboration and details in between. Each of them believes that through full dedication and understanding of each individual in the group the potential of the ideas will appear in its most efficient and pure form. Moot Point is as well meeting on a regular base to discuss and read together.
With the springboard from the idea of “a utopian body” we have investigated how different utopias - and inevitably dystopias - are manifested and suggested through different medias:
By studying several science fiction movies from U.S. and USSR dealing with the imagined leap of human society living next to or confronted by the apocalypse, space travel, and the human robot hybrid, we have been led to the philosophical reading of Michel Foucault “Utopian Body”, artistic understanding of the ancient civilization by Tito Lucretius, and beyond to the ideas of the Post-Human in an imagined future where humans are starting to co-exist with cyborgs.
Through these studies the body emerged as the central focus point; the body as the constant living organism that transforms into different states of being depending on the current situation. We find it interesting to deal with the body without superficial influences, therefore “a body in another context”. Inner and outer relations, with the body being the entity, have played a huge factor in our research.
“Chill out, we have already been reborn”is an invitation to our utopian proposal. Being aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a utopia, that we are not interested in creating statements, only suggestions. We would like to take the audience on a journey through continues moving, questions, text, and celestial noise, so that our bodies will transform into whatever is reachable in the imagination of the audience. Each individual of the audience member will have one pair of headphones where they can shift between two different channels: 1) on-going questions, 2) a text reading. By the freedom of choice the audience can choose what sound landscape they want to be a part of. In that sense the audience influence their own experience and approach in the frames we have set.


Dance and Choreography
Fuji Hoffmann, Marlene Bonnesen, Jens Schyth Brøndum, David Kummer