David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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David Kummer
Dance & Choreography
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Companía Sharon Fridmann, Terschelling, NL 

Festival Oerol 2016 

Premiere: 10/06/2016 

We are walking. We are breathing. We are holding hands. We are stepping in each others footprints. We are building a nest. For us and for the Audience. We are creating a net between living organisms. We are changing to slowness. We are awakening all together. We are moving deeper into ourselves. We are returning to a different beginning. 

This project returns back to nature and questions our relationship to it as well as new visions and perspectives on living and ecosystems. All material of the outdoor settings are made of natural materials, no artificiality, no common theatre set up. There is just pure conditions, that are not set up by the team or us. 

A four week process takes me on a unique journey with 50 dancers and non dancers of all different ages and backgrounds. Working with Contact, Improvisation, Breath and Voice mainly in nature and especially in sandy and windy environments deepens the experience and adds multiple layers to it. Ten performances and over 300 people every day makes a powerful and changing composition possible every day. 

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Sharon Fridman 

Antonio Ramírez 

Assistant Choreography
Jesús Rubio Gamo & Maine Larrañeta 

Inbal Ben Zaken 

Ben Vieberink, Juan Crespo, Clara Marie Müller, Luis Miguel Cobo  

Ana Maria Sousa Leitao, Anna Fransen, Carin Vlasveld, Clementina Verrocchio, Daniel Conant, David Kummer, Elke Rosa Gerritsen, Kilinç Selen, Marine Smit, Mélusine Lavaient Drouet, Orestes Prieto, Patricia van der Linden, Raoul Natureza Martin, Rebeca Carrera, Teade Visserman, Caroline Tintel, Virginia Maldonado, Zoé Coudougnan, Álvaro Hurtado, Anita Walgemoet, Annemarie Wijffels, Beatriz del Monte Fernández, Brigitte van Rossum, Cristina Sánchez Vilariño, Dana Marcus, Diego Martínez Buceta, Dirk Janssen, Jeanette Scherphof, Julien Rossi, Laia Vancells Pi, Lisa Kasman, Manon Verkooyen, Marie Khatib- Shahidi, Marijke Welles, Mor Bergman, Noam Edelman, Roser Garriga Seguranyes, Stefania Zepponi, Niki Thissen, Tibor van Rijn, Tine van Munster, Tomas Gimeno, Youri Peters

Saris & den Engelsman 

Damien Varela